What is the most important step in skincare?

Many made the mistake thinking cleansing isn’t that important when it comes to taking care of your skin but cleansing is actually the most important step in skincare. Our skin shed on daily basis, we can’t see it with our own eyes but if you use a microscope, I’m sure you’ll be grossed out. Cleansing is a must do step to keep skin healthy and radiant. If you don’t clean your skin thoroughly, you’ll have clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads,  acne and all sorts of problems. Skin will appear dull and sallow. I’ve heard some people actually don’t wash their face in the morning, do you know how gross that is? Imagine all those dead skin, dirt and sweat all over the face accumulated overnight yet you don’t wash it off in the morning. Wash it. Don’t be lazy. You’ll be amazed at how clean and less acne if you clean your face properly. Use a flannel or wash clothes if you can. I like using konjac sponges because you get to clean and exfoliate at the same time! These are some of the cleansers I’m using current to battle acne during that time of month.



Rimmel Matte 9In1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup review



I’ve been loving matte foundations for a while now but sometimes, some can really accentuates my dry areas simce you know, I have dry skin but I found that Rimmel Matte 9In1 Skin Perfecting Super Makeup is quite good. It doesn’t cling to my dry patches, has a light to medium coverage, light in consistency so it’s very easy to blend. I’m impressed that it kept my face looking healthy and when I use it in summer, where my T-zone can get a tiny bit oily, it keeps my face matte for a good 8 hours without fading away! How can I not love it. Have you tried it? What do you think?


Hi friends,

Welcome to my humble blog. Today I’m going to talk about my current overnight mask, VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA. I love this overnight mask to death and my dry skin loves it too! I slather this on at night on clean skin. It feels very good on the skin but it’s not sticky at all. Absorbs very quickly into the skin and leave my skin feeling so hydrated and extremely smooth and soft when I touch it. Definitely check it out because it’s good for the skin especially if you have dry skin like me, your skin will drink it right away.

VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA is made out of a Breakthrough hydrating technology: the 15 mineral-rich Thermal Spa Water used at Vichy Spa is associated with maximized concentration of hyaluronic acid and our patented Aquabiorylâ„¢.

This unique association infuses skin with deep moisture and minerals continuously all night long, when it is most prone to get replenished.

That’s really great for our skin! Vichy is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brand for years and more to come.

Have you tried it?

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