Hi friends,

Welcome to my humble blog. Today I’m going to talk about my current overnight mask, VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA. I love this overnight mask to death and my dry skin loves it too! I slather this on at night on clean skin. It feels very good on the skin but it’s not sticky at all. Absorbs very quickly into the skin and leave my skin feeling so hydrated and extremely smooth and soft when I touch it. Definitely check it out because it’s good for the skin especially if you have dry skin like me, your skin will drink it right away.

VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA is made out of a Breakthrough hydrating technology: the 15 mineral-rich Thermal Spa Water used at Vichy Spa is associated with maximized concentration of hyaluronic acid and our patented Aquabiorylâ„¢.

This unique association infuses skin with deep moisture and minerals continuously all night long, when it is most prone to get replenished.

That’s really great for our skin! Vichy is definitely one of my favorite drugstore brand for years and more to come.

Have you tried it?

Til next time
yours truly XOXO


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